Adults Piano

Many adults find great enjoyment in music, but need a little encouragement to get going. This is that encouragement! We provide a well-rounded piano lesson consisting of technical work for muscle development, note-reading, and a mix of contemporary and classical repertoire so that the adult learner can enjoy their studies while ensuring they are improving on all fronts.

One of the advantages of studying as an adult is freedom of choice. If you’re not looking to become a concert pianist, why spend hours drilling endless etudes when a few minutes every day would suffice to strengthen that pinky finger needed to play your beloved 80’s hit? Conversely, if you know you love jazz and just want to work on improvisation, it makes sense to spend some time learning scales and chord progressions. Whether you want to recapture a lost love of classical or work on arrangements of modern music, adult learning is more attainable than you might think.