Adults Singing

Learning to sing at a later stage in life can be daunting, but it can also be enormously rewarding. With a range students from complete beginners to students who have previous experience, and those who have always been serious about their training, our teachers have the understanding, experience and lengthily -acquired knowledge to help students at all stages of their learning.

We are often asked, “I’m an adult, can I still learn to sing?”

Our answer is yes! The voice changes and develops at all stages of our lives, and having someone guide us through these changes, whether for professional purposes or personal enjoyment is a huge benefit. Learning to recognise the first signs and hints of how one’s voice works and what it feels like to use these newly discovered muscles is something that children and adults alike experience, the difference is in the approach. While children, in general, need to be first shown, then asked to reproduce, adults tend to work better with knowledge as their base, working toward a result that they have had explained, heard, seen or felt.