1. What Can I learn?
  2. A. We offer one to one lessons for Piano and Voice. Music theory, rhythm and sight reading are parts of the course work but can also be learnt separately.


  1. How often are the lessons?
  2. A. We recommend permanent weekly lessons in order to gain consistency and progress in your technical skills and your knowledge of music. However, if you need flexibility, casual bookings are for you. Casual bookings are one off appointments that you can make anytime, any frequency.


  1. Are the classes private or group lessons?
  2. Most lessons are one to one, as experience has shown us that this allows teachers to go at the individual pace of the student.  With one on one attention, you will get much more out of your time. However, we do offer lessons to those who wish to learn with a friend, sibling, parent etc. Call us today to ask about your group lesson.


  1. What is the best age for kids to start music lessons?
  2. A. We recommend that children be at least 4 years old and able to count, so they are able to concentrate for the half hour. If you are not sure whether your kid is able to concentrate and enjoy the lessons, Call us to book a FREE TRIAL and discover if it is the right thing for them.


  1. Can I attend my child’s lesson?
  2. A. Yes, you definitely can.


  1. Am I too old to start learning music?
  2. A. No, It is never late to start learning music. All you need to be able to learn, is consistency in practicing and the joy of learning. Plenty of adults start later in life, or even continue on from where they left off in childhood.


  1. Do you offer performance opportunities?
  2. A. Yes. We organise at least one optional student concert a year and encourage all our students of all ages and skill levels to participate. Simply because we believe that performing in front of an audience is a great way of gaining confidence in your musical skills.


  1. Do I need to have my own instrument at home?
  2. A. In order to progress in your learning, you will need to practice at home and to do so, you will need to have your own instrument. If you do not have one, our suggestion is to book a FREE TRIAL lesson before purchasing any instrument and discuss various options with your teacher. We can help you to find an affordable and suitable instrument to start your musical journey with!


  1. Do you provide the practicing material?
  2. A. yes we do, we provide copies and books and all learning materials you will need to be able to practice at home.


  1. Can I learn to play/sing just for fun at Musicando?
  2. A. Yes! You definitely can. Depending on your needs and plans, we are able to offer lessons with different learning methods.


  1. I have no background of music or arts, can I still learn?
  2. A. Everyone is able to learn music. It is all about choosing the proper learning method and having the enthusiasm to learn and enjoy music. We’d love to help you start your musical journey, book a Free TRIAL and you will discover that it is easier that you have always thought.


  1. Where and When?
  2. A. Lessons take place in our studio in Balmain;

Suite 4, 2A booth street, Balmain.

Musicando is open from Monday to Saturday 10:00 Am to 8:00 Pm.


  1. Is there any free parking around?
  2. Yes. There is plenty of free parking.


  1. Is it easy to get there by public transport?
  2. A. Yes the bus stop is 3 minutes walking distance from the studio. You can take the bus (441&442) from town hall station and you will be there in 20 minutes.


  1. How much are the lessons?
  2. A. First lesson is FREE!

Half hour lessons are $35 and hour lessons are $60.


  1. Can I pay each week for my lessons?
  2. A. yes you can.


  1. What is the cancelation policy at Musicando?
  2. A. A 48 hours notice of cancellation is required. In case of a shorter notice of cancellation, since the time is reserved for the student, the lesson fee needs to be paid in full for the missed lesson. In this case the teacher offers you a free makeup lesson during the same week. Makeup lessons however are not guaranteed as the offered spot might not suit the student or there may not be any available time to offer as a makeup.


  1. How can I book for a lesson?
  2. A. Easy, just call us on 0434895024 or email us at info@musicando.com.au and we will be able to organise your free introductory lesson.